The NOOR PV I Programme will consist of three projects: NOOR Ouarzazate IV with a capacity of 72 MW, NOOR Laayoune, 85 MW and NOOR Boujdour 20 MW. ACWA Power submitted the lowest tariff price for the project at 4,6MADc/kWh, i.e. 4.8$c/kWh. Together, the NOOR PV I Programme and the NOOR Ouarzazate I, II and III CSP projects demonstrate the viability of all solar technologies, and advance the Moroccan Kingdom’s ambition to install two gigawatts of solar energy by 2020. The plants will produce enough electricity to power thousands homes every year, using photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to generate electricity. It is estimated that the project will also reduce carbon emissions by tens of thousands of tons of CO2, equivalent emissions for every year of operation. ACWA Power contributes to the expansion of the grid in Morocco, by building a 26 km High Voltage (225 kV) line to connect NOOR Laayoune and a 12 km Medium Voltage (22 kV) line to connect NOOR Boujdour.

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