“Hafilat” factory based in Abu Dhabi city in the United Arab Emirates, was established in 2006, is specialized in European-quality buses manufactured and used in the manufacture of Steel or aluminium used in aircraft and heavy trucks and cars with high performance industry, manufactures a variety of passenger buses sizes and different types of them (low-floor urban buses articulated, and Double Decker buses as well as buses that operate compressed gas and electric power), in addition to other private uses of the bus, which also specializes in the refurbishment of old buses, and convert buses to specialized buses (library buses, mobile court bus, ambulance bus, finance and traffic awareness buss and much more), and has since its inception, manufactures many different types of buses for the internal market in the UAE and the Arab Gulf region. Looking into the future, Hafilat commits to provide the customers with the best operation solution to increase customer profit gain. Led by the professional operation to become stronger in bus field, we try to meet the customer requirements from domestic and overseas rapidly with market-oriented concept. We hope that Hafilat could become the best domestic bus manufacturer and international famous bus enterprise after a very successful year recently.

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