For Investors and Rating Agencies

What we offer:

Coverage: Comprehensive ESG performance indicators classified into eight global themes including more than 120 indicators captured for over 400 publicly-listed, private, and government entities across the Middle East and North Africa. continuously increases the universe of companies and entities covered throughout the Arab region.

Updates: ESG performance indicators are reviewed and updated on a monthly basis.

Alerts: Daily alerts on companies highlighting innovative sustainability initiatives as well as on companies facing ESG related allegations and controversies. Companies are contacted within 24 hours following a negative event to get further insights on the case and corrective actions taken.

Research: Regional sector studies and thematic studies assessing sustainability trends including regional ESG related legislation.

Materiality Case Studies: A wide range of case studies demonstrating the business case for ESG and sustainability management in the region.

Bespoke Solutions: Customized screening and benchmarking options to assess the level of integration of ESG factors into core business operations as well as business involvement screening (e.g. compliance with UN Global Compact principles and other international standards).

To utilize our customized ESG screening services, please contact:
Houssam Lahrech
ESG Research Manager
Phone: +962 6 585 8734