Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC)

Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is a non-for-profit organisation that represents the private sector involved in the clean energy sector across the Middle East and North Africa region. Clean Energy Business Council was established in 2010 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi- UAE.

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Clean Energy Business Council Promoting Understanding of COVID-19 Pandemic Impact

The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) has been organising a series of webinars in order to help its members and network understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent economic downturn. This includes important topics such as impact on the oil markets, energy transition, developments in the energy efficiency market as well as the future of mobility including electric vehicle adoption and electric vehicle infrastructure in the MENA region. Earlier in 2020, CEBC also signed up to a collective call initiative among 100 leading renewable players under the IRENA Coalition for Action to urge governments at all levels to leverage the progress achieved with renewable energy and to maintain on track in terms of alignment with global climate and sustainability goals. The CEBC fully endorses and has signed the Abu Dhabi Declaration and looks forward to cooperating with ADGM and signatories of the Declaration on its implementation.



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