Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited (BOROUGE)

Borouge Pte Ltd. manufactures plastic products. It offers bimodal polyethylene products and polyolefins. The company’s products are used in power and communication cables, packaging, and automotive components, as well as in water, gas, and industrial pipe systems.

Sustainability News

Borouge hosts the annual community-based environmental campaign along with TAKREER

For the fifth consecutive year, Borouge leads the Waste Free Environment campaign, to raise awareness of the environmental impact of littering and advocating the need to reuse and recycle wastes.

The campaign combined Takreer and Borouge employees in addition to volunteers and school children who cleaned up Abu Dhabi Yas beach and ADNOC Beach.

Mr. Ahmed Omar Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge) stated in his speech “Borouge is proud to lead this important clean-up campaign for the fifth year in a row and we are committed to educate the public, particularly the youth, about the dangers of littering and its impact on nature and the marine life.”

Mr. Jasem Ali Al Sayegh, Chief Executive Officer of TAKREER, also added “TAKREER is pleased to join Borouge in their Waste Free Environment campaign to help protect and clean the environment. We believe that the Waste Free campaign would go a long way in inculcating eco-consciousness for the society at large.”

According to the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, 1.65 kg/day of solid municipal waste is generated per capita from Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, recycling rates in the GCC are estimated to be less than 10% of total waste.



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