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Oasis Environmental Solutions is the leading environmental service provider in UAE. More than a decade of company experienced on our team, we are experts in exploiting areas in the field of Waste Management Services for: Collection, Transportation and Disposal • Hazardous Solid and Liquid • Cement and Construction Waste • Non Metal Waste • Chemical waste • Waste Water • Oily Waste • Medical Waste • Metal Waste • Sewage Waste • Organic Waste • Food Waste • Garbage * Treatment • Waste Water • Contaminated Soil and Sand Waste • Hazardous Solid and Liquid Waste • Paint Waste • Oily Waste • Chemical Solid and Liquid Waste * Recycling Program • Paper, Plastic, Cans, Glass, Used oil, Wood and Concrete * Supply Services • Drinking Water • Labor • Equipment - JCB - Trailer - Shovel - Jack Hammer - Excavator - Crane - Cleaning Equipment (Pipe) * Cleaning works and Landscaping Services

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